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Helmet Style:
Catalog Images:
Distinguishing Characteristics:
c. 1940 4-Strap Exposed Fibre-Crown Helmets
Dates of Manufacture:
4-Strap Exposed Fibre Crown Helmet
1938 - 1952
AF Designation
1941 Wilson D292
1943 Rawlings F65
Fibre-Reinforced Molded Leather Body
Exposed Fibre Ventilated Crown
Multiple Forehead Design Options:
Square, Wing, Shield
The 4-Strap Exposed Fibre Crown Helmet is a variant of the Exposed Fibre Crown Helmet in which leather or fibre reinforcing straps are added longitudinally and laterally across the crown. As with other exposed fibre crown models, the 4-Strap typically possessed a padded forehead in one of several design patterns. 4-Strap Exposed Fibre Crown Helmets were primarily sold as an entry level helmet for youth players.
Leather or Fibre Reinforcing Straps in a 4-Strap Pattern