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Helmet Style:
8-Point Princeton Flattop
Catalog Images:
Flat Strap Leather Crown Attached to Body at 8-Points
Later Models Fibre-Reinforced
Molded, Strap Leather Body Later Models Fibre-Reinforced
Soft, Quilted Body Tapers Towards Crown
Distinguishing Characteristics:
1935 Goldsmith No. PC
1930 Goldsmith No. PH
Dates of Manufacture:
1929 -1935
AF Designation
c. 1930 8-Point Princeton
The Princeton-Style flattop was discontinued in the mid-1920's by manufacturers that focused instead on more substantial and heavily padded designs. In 1929, P. Goldsmith & Sons of Cincinnati, Ohio introduced the 8-Point Princeton Flattop, a more rigid design with a flat strap leather top attached to the body at eight points. The No. PH was marketed as a "light weight type suitable for warm climates or for players desiring a light weight helmet." By 1935, Goldsmith had modified the PH to incorporate fibre reinforcing in the crown and body.