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Corrugated Fibre Crown Helmet
1940 - 1952
AF Designation
1942 Wilson D265A
Fibre-Reinforced Strap Leather Body
One Piece Heavy Gauge Corrugated Fibre Crown
Multiple Rubber Padded Forehead Design Options:
Square, Wing, Shield
In the early 1940's, sporting goods manufacturers experimented with new materials to develop rigid, lightweight helmets. Wilson developed a new process for molding a heavy-gauge corrugated fibre crown that provided improved structural strength over prior fibre crown models. For the helmet lower, the corrugated fibre crown helmet continued to utilize a fibre-reinforced strap leather body design. This style helmet was phased out by the late 1940's, as plastic supplanted fibre as the material of choice for football helmets.
1948 Rawlings C75
1942 Wilson D254C