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Helmet Style:
Representative Example:
Distinguishing Characteristics:
c. 1940 Exposed Fibre-Crown Helmet
Dates of Manufacture:
Exposed Fibre Crown Helmet
1932 - 1951
AF Designation
1942 Wilson D266A
1944 Lowe & Campbell No. F173
Fibre-Reinforced Molded Leather Body
Exposed Fibre Ventilated Crown
Multiple Forehead Design Options:
Wing, Shield, Mercury
From the mid-1930's through the mid-1940's, football equipment manufacturers produced exposed fibre crown models that were lighter than all-leather helmets. The fibre crown was "varnished" with an oil based product which made it water repellent. The crown was sewn to a fibre-reinforced molded leather body, and was often finished with a foam rubber cushioned leather forehead pad in one of multiple designs, including the wing front, shield front, and mercury front.
1942 Rawlings M75
1936 Horace Partridge F142
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