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Flattop Head Harness
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1905 Spalding No. B
One of the most common styles of early football head harnesses, the flattop style first appeared in 1904 and continued to be sold through the mid-1920's. Flattop head harnessses are typically constructed of a soft, quilted leather, moleskin, or canvas body with a one-piece flat crown and independent, sewn-on ear pads. Many variations of the flattop were manufactured over their 20+ year run, including the Harvard and Princeton styles.

In 1905, head harness manufacturers began adding extended flaps to the rear of their helmets to protect neck. Therefore, flattops without neck flaps typically date to before 1905.
c. 1905 Spalding No. B
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1914 Spalding No. 50
1910 Reach No. 2
1916 D&M No. 36B
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