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c. 1928 Fibre-Reinforced
1929 Rawlings No. 15
Dates of Manufacture:
Fibre-Reinforced 6-Strap Leather Helmet
1924 - 1950
AF Designation
1929 Rawlings No. 12
1927 Fibre-Reinforced 6-Strap
6-Strap Design Leather Reinforcing Straps
Ear and Back Flaps Integrated into Molded Body
Fibre-Reinforced Leather Covered Crown
Adjustable Headband
The Fibre-Reinforced 6-Strap Leather Helmet belongs to the same family as the 4 and 8-strap fibre-reinforced helmets. It can be distinguished from these types by the number of reinforcing straps (6). The 6-Strap simply left off two of the 8-Strap's rear diagonal reinforcing straps. As with the other fibre-reinforced models, the crown consisted of fibre overlaid with a leather outer. The body of the helmet was fibre-reinforced leather with integral ear and back flaps. Similar to the 8-Strap Fibre-Reinforced Helmet, the 6-Strap was produced into the early 1950's when it was replaced with lightweight plastic models.
c. 1930 Fibre-Reinforced