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Distinguishing Characteristics:
c. 1935 MacGregor Goldsmith H618
1934 Wilson No. 279
Dates of Manufacture:
Fibre-Reinforced 8-Strap Leather Helmet
1924 - 1951
AF Designation
1929 Rawlings No. NH
1929 Goldsmith No. 48
8 Leather Reinforcing Straps
Ear and Back Flaps Integrated into Molded Body
Fibre-Reinforced Leather Covered Crown
1929 Rawlings No. 3A
c. 1935 MacGregor Goldsmith H618
The Fibre-Reinforced 8-Strap Leather Helmet consisted of a fibre-reinforced, leather covered crown and body with the crown attached to the body at 8 points with leather straps. Practically every major sporting goods manufacturer produced this style helmet in the 1930's. Legendary coaches, such as Knute Rockne (Notre Dame) and Robert Zuppke (Illinois), endorsed their own signature models of fibre-reinforced 8-strap helmets in the 1930's, Perhaps the most famous player of the day, Red Grange helped popularize this style by wearing it throughout his career with the Chicago Bears. The Fibre-Reinforced 8-Strap was manufactured until about 1950, when plastic helmets because standard equipment.
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