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c. 1924 D&M No. 20H
Dates of Manufacture:
Fibre-Reinforced Leather Lineman's Helmet
1924 - 1926
AF Designation
1925 D&M No. 20H
1924 D&M No. 19H
Leather Reinforcing Straps
Extended Fibre-Reinforced Jaw Protector
Fibre-Reinforced Leather Covered Crown
Adjustable Headband
c. 1924 D&M No. 19H
In 1924, Draper & Maynard introduced an innovative fibre-reinforced leather helmet, the 19H, which was designed to maximize protection to a player's head, face, and back of the neck. The most striking difference between the 19H and other contemporary fibre-reinforced helmets was the extended ear flaps described as "Long Face Protection." In 1925, D&M added a second face protecting helmet to its line, the No. 20H. The two Lineman's Helmet variants had short production runs, being discontinued in 1926.