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c. 1931 D&M No. 70H
Dates of Manufacture:
Fibre-Reinforced Nose Guard Helmet
1930 -1936
AF Designation
1933 Rawlings No. 9
1931 Spalding No. ZHN
Leather or Fibre Reinforcing Straps
Fibre-Reinforced Molded Ears and Back
Vulcanized Fibre-Reinforced Leather Covered Crown
Molded Half or Full Face Guard
c. 1931 Spalding No. ZHN
As fibre production methods improved in the late 1920's, sporting goods manufacturers were able to design helmets that were both more protective and lighter weight. The Fibre-Reinforced Nose Guard Helmet, which is commonly referred to as the "Executioner Helmet," consisted of a fibre-reinforced leather crown, body, and nose guard. Heavy and hot, the nose guard helmet was primarily worn by players with nose or face injuries. The nose guard helmet was phased out by most manufacturers by the mid-1930's, as stiffer helmet materials allowed them to replace the leather covered nose guard with rubber coated metal face masks.
1935 Goldsmith No. HN9
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1931 D&M No. 70H