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Harvard Flattop Head Harness
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1915 Spalding No. H
1923 D&M No. 9H
1917 Stall & Dean No. 5410
c. 1920 Victor Wright & Ditson Harvard Flattop
c. 1915 Wright & Ditson Harvard
In 1915, A.G. Spalding, Wright & Ditson, and Reach each began manufacturing leather flattop top football helmets commonly referred to as the "Harvard-style," being the style preferred by the Harvard Crimson. While this term did not appear in catalogs until the mid-1920's, each of the manufacturers named their model the No. H or the No. 1-H, with the H presumably referring to Harvard. The Harvard was a lightweight all-leather helmet constructed out of three pieces of leather, one for either side of the helmet and a third to form a flat top. By the mid-1920's, "Improved Harvard Head Harnesses," which added two pieces of reinforcing leather longitudinally and laterally across the top of the crown replaced earlier Harvard styles.
1923 Stall & Dean No. 5446
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