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1915 D&M No. 32B
1922 D&M No. 10H
c. 1915 Horace Partridge No. 23G
c. 1910 Molded Crown
In 1903, the Intercollegiate Football Association banned the use of sole leather in football helmets. In response, some manufacturers shifted production to soft raincap and flattop head harnesses. The Molded Crown Head Harness was similar in design to the raincap style, but utilized a more rigid, bowl-shaped molded leather crown. The process for molding leather involves immersing the material in water, stretching it over a mold form, and allowing it to dry and stiffen in the shape of the mold. The resulting molded crown head harnesses were stiffer than raincap models, but less rigid than banned sole leather models. Molded crown head harnesses possess independent ear flaps that are sewn or riveted to the body, and cotton or wool padding on the interior of the helmet.
Raincap Style Helmet
1909 Spalding No. A
Dates of Manufacture:
Molded Crown Head Harness
1900 - 1925
AF Designation
1921 Reach No. 1A