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c. 1921 Goldsmith No. 64
1921 Goldsmith No. 64
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Molded Nose-Protector Head Harness
1921 - 1925
AF Designation
Referred to by collectors as the "Executioner Helmet," Molded Nose-Protector Head Harnesses were introduced in 1921 by P. Goldsmith & Sons. Marketed as "a good helmet for linesmen," the Molded Nose-Protector Head Harness was the first American football helmet with integral face protection, a molded leather mask. The first generation of Nose Protector Head Harnesses simply attached this mask to a standard Western-Style Head Harness. As helmets evolved in the mid-1920's to include fibre-reinforcement in the crown, second generation Fibre-Reinforced Nose-Guard Helmet were offered by most major sporting goods manufacturers. The Nose-Protector Head Harness was most suited to players with injured noses or, linemen, who chose face protection over field visibility.
Prominent Headband