August 2017
c. 1919 Rawlings No. 167
4-Strap Reinforced
Molded Crown Head Harness

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The No. 167 appeared in Rawlings' 1919 Fall & Winter catalog and sold for $7.00, making it a moderately expensive model for 1919. Based on design characteristics, we loosely estimate the dates of production to between 1918 and 1925.

While the 4-strap reinforced molded crown head harness isn't particularly rare, our Artifact of the Month is only the third example of Rawlings' No 167 that we've seen come to market in the past 10 years. During the same period, A.J. Reach produced a similar helmet model, the No. 1A, which can be distinguished from the No. 167 by the ear pad stitch pattern.
Our August 2017 Artifact of the Month is an unusual variant of the 4-strap molded head harness, a circa 1919 Rawlings No. 167. Unlike other molded head harnesses that possess an independent crown attached to the helmet body with straps, the No. 167 features a crown that extends downward in the rear to the base of the neck. Another unique characteristic of the No. 167 Rawlings' use of an elastic headband running through each ear pad. This feature allowed the wears to tighten the headband and adjust the positioning of the ear flaps to fit the wearer.
No. 167 description, 1919 Rawlings Fall & Winter Catalog
Rawlings No. 167

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Reach No. 1A, similar design
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