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c.1923 Winchester 5-Panel Advertising Display
The holy grail of vintage football advertising, this remarkable 5-panel display measures nearly eight feet long and three and a half feet high. The three center panels feature the image of Winchester's Official Intercollegiate football over a football stadium. The two side panels feature Winchester football equipment line from 1923. This particular set has "15-H Football Display" on each panel. At the top of each panel is printed "Football Display to be shown week of September 13 thru 19." The opposite side of the 5-panel display features Winchester's "Perfectly Balanced Shot Shell," Model 12 and Model 97 repeating shot guns.
The Winchester Repeating Arms Company was founded in 1855 by Oliver F. Winchester of Boston, Massachusetts. Winchester introduced the world's first successful repeating rifle in 1866, and became known as the world's leader in the manufacture of arms and ammunition. After World War I, Winchester began manufacturing tools, hardware and sporting goods. In 1922, Winchester merged with Simmons Hardware Company, forming the Winchester-Simmons Company. The merger dissolved in 1929, and Winchester declared bankruptcy in 1931. From the 1920 until 1929, Winchester produced beautiful lithographic cardboard advertising pieces for display in their retail store windows. The pieces were typically arranged in 5-panel sets that were to be displayed in wooden display stands that had been provided to retailers by Winchester.

Designed to be discarded after a 2 week run, very few of these 95 year old paper relics exist today. This remarkable example is in excellent condition with minor corner damage that is indiscernible when framed.
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Early 1920's Game Worn University of Pennsylvania Football Jersey
This adult large jersey, manufactured by O'Shea Knitting Mills, originally sold in a 2008 Mastro Auction and was issued a letter of authenticity from the auction house as an early 1920's University of Pennsylvania game worn jersey. The jersey bears Penn's navy and red stripes on the sleeves, felt numerals on its back, and 19 period repairs. It retains its original O'Shea tag. The bottom of the jersey appears to have been trimmed, and the Mastro LOA suggests that this was the result of the crotch strap being removed. The front of the jersey has faded slightly and has a dime size hole near the navel.
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