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December 2016
Circa 1906 Penna Guard Nose Mask

On December 15, 2016, a rare "Penna Guard" style nose mask sold on EBay for $907.77. Thought to have been produced between 1900 and 1910, this example supports that dating, as it possesses a marking of '06 at the forehead rest. The seller stated that the nose mask was an estate find along with a circa 1915 leather football helmet. The guard is also engraved with "CHS" at the forehead rest, indicating it was likely worn by a high school player.
Unlike other turn-of-the-century nose guard variations, the Penna Guard, featured a strap which connected at either side of the nose rather than at the forehead rest. The guard possessed two square air holes through the mouthpiece and three or more triangular air holes in the nose portion, so that the guard “hangs by neck band when not in use.” The Penna Guard style nose mask was sold by Sears in 1908 for $1.40. With a relatively short production run and apparent lack of popularity, the Penna Guard is one of the rarer styles of football nose masks.
About the Penna Guard
Penna Nose Mask, Circa 1908
1908 Sears Ad, Rubber Nose Mask
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