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AntiqueFootball Artifact of the Month
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Our June 2018 Artifact of the Month is a rare A.J. Reach & Co. No. 5 6-strap head harness, which was manufactured as a youth helmet between 1913 and 1916. Based on our research, Reach appears to be the only manufacturer to produce 6-strap head harness during the early 20th century. Reach's reason for using 6 straps instead of the standard 8 may have been to eliminate the center longitudinal crown strap, leaving room for Reach's patented elastic adjustment strap at the forehead.

The No. 5 also proves an exception to one of AntiqueFootball's general rules of thumb, that head harnesses without rear neck flaps typically date to before 1905. Reach likely left off a rear neck protector on the No. 5 to reduce cost. The No. 5 retailed for $1.25 in 1915 and was billed as "the best on the market at the price." This particular example of Reach's No. 5 is the first example we've ever handled. Other than superficial spalling of the leather and a missing chinstrap, this head harness is in excellent condition.

c. 1913 - 1916

June 2018

A.J. Reach & Co. No. 5
6-Strap Head Harness

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Utilizing our extensive catalog collection we have built the following chart detailing the production timeline of A.J. Reach & Co.'s football helmets between 1893 and 1925.

A.J. Reach & Co. Head Harnesses

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