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No. 20H Helmet, 1925 D&M Fall & Winter Catalog
The 20H was recommended for linemen, and its use by ends or backs, "who must have a wide open vision for punts and forward passes," was discouraged. In 1926, D&M modified the No. 20H to add a temple guard, a thick, fibre-reinforced leather strip. The No. 20H was discontinued after the 1926 season. making this 2-year run model exceedingly rare. Our Artifact of the Month is the 1925 model, without the temple guard, and is the first example we have seen in over 10 years.
No. 19H, 20H Helmets, 1926 D&M Fall & Winter Catalog

October 2016
1925 Draper & Maynard
No. 20H Lineman's Helmet

In the vintage football equipment collecting hobby, turn-of-the-century 4-straps, improved head harnesses, and flattops command premium prices due to their scarcity. However, a few later model helmets are equally rare but are often overlooked by collectors. Our October 2016 Artifact of the Month is such a piece, a rare 1925 Draper & Maynard No. 20H Lineman's Helmet.

In 1924, Draper & Maynard introduced an innovative fibre-reinforced leather helmet, the 19H, which was designed to maximize protection to a player's head, face, and back of the neck. The most striking difference between the 19H and other contemporary helmets was the extended ear flaps described as "Long Face Protection." In 1925, D&M added a second face protecting helmet to its line, the No. 20H.
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