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Dates of Manufacture: circa 1920-1925
c. 1920 Reach No. 1 Dog Ear Helmet
Dates of Manufacture: 1921-1935
c. 1925 Goldsmith No. 64 "Executioner" Helmet
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Founded by Alfred J. Reach in 1874, A.J. Reach & Company became the largest manufacturer of sporting goods in the U.S. by the turn of the century. Reach was purchased by A.G. Spalding in 1892, but continued to manufacture sporting goods lines independent of Spalding models until 1934, when the Reach brand was discontinued.
Goldsmith Executioner Advertisement, 1925
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Dates of Manufacture: 1918-1920
c. 1920 Victor, Wright & Ditson Harvard Helmet
Around 1915 several sporting goods companies began manufacturing flattop helmets constructed out of three pieces of leather; one for either side and a third for the crown. This style was apparently preferred by the Harvard Crimson, as it was soon referred to as the "Harvard" style. In 1918, Wright & Ditson merged with Victor Sporting Goods Company to form Victor, Wright & Ditson.
The History of Wright & Ditson
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