October 2017
Victor No. 535B
Nose & Face Guard

Our October 2017 Artifact of the Month is a rare variant of Victor Sporting Goods Co's batwing nose mask, the Victor 535B Nose and Face Guard. Introduced around 1898, Victor’s No. 535B Face and Nose Protector incorporated the added cheek protection of the No. 535, but eliminated the forehead strap and replaced it with a neck strap secured to the bottom of the mask. Without the need for the forehead strap, Victor eliminated the t-shaped portion of the mask that extended to the center of the forehead called the “forehead rest.” As a result, the Face and Nose Protector was held in place solely by the mouthpiece and hung like a pendant around the neck when not in use. The 1900 Victor Sports Catalog describes the 535B as follows:
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Football Nose Protector
Football Nose Masks
The story behind football's most unusual protective device
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Nose Guard History

One of AntiqueFootball's first articles was a comprehensive history of the football nose guard back in March 2015. After featuring numerous nose guards over the past 2 years, we've updated this history to capture the knowledge we've gained from studying these artifacts.

Other Nose Guard Examples

Over the past 2 years we've featured a variety of nose guards that have come to market, in our Artifact of the Month series.
1900 C.M. McClung Hardware Ad
Similar to shape of the No 535, but has longer chin piece and no forehead rest. This mask is more intended for the end's use, having band around neck instead of head, it may be dropped away by simply relaxing pressure of the teeth, when it will hang until required for use again. Victor quality throughout.
No. 535B…………..Postage 15c………….Each $1.50
This featured No. 535B is one of two known surviving examples of this unusual Victor nose guard variant. With an intact neck strap and mouth guard, it remains in remarkable near mint condition.
c. 1898 Player Group Cabinet Card
Closeup of Victor embossing on No. 535B chin
No. 535B when not in use
Inside of No. 535B